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YouTuber JiDion Started Getting a Court-Side Haircut Tonight At The US Open - Promptly Tossed From The Stadium

Ah prime time at the US Open, nothing like it. $22 Honey Deuces, Nick Kyrgios blasting aces, and a dude getting his haircut just a few feet away from the court. 

This fella goes by the name JiDion and I'm not going to pretend to you good folks that I know who that is. A quick Google search tells me he's a YouTube/Twitch streamer known for his vlog and prank videos. Today's prank appeared to be get a haircut at the US Open. This Getty image they uploaded is hilarious. 

Elsa. Getty Images.

Picking a Nick Kyrgios night of all the matches is extra daring considering that man gets set off by the smallest of things. Doubt they had the balls to do this mid-point rather than during changeovers. I also don't understand how you can possibly sneak in a haircut kit past security. I went last week and it's not exactly Fort Knox, but if you have a bag they search it like any normal sporting event. Maybe the US Open was looking for eyeballs and let this slide on by to get some added exposure. Also was all his hair just falling on the ground where people were sitting? Nah you gotta go to jail if you're doing that, prank or no prank. 

Whatever it was, this dude got his ass tossed in minutes. 

He's lucky this was the US Open and not Wimbledon. You disrupt the Championships at the All England Club and you'll never turn up again.

In other news, we've got a good one unfolding right now. Kyrgios started off slow, seemingly hampered by a knee issue. He lost the first set getting broken at 5-6, but has rebounded nicely in the 2nd to level the match. He still doesn't look himself and is giving up weird vibes, but he's good enough to win this match as he stands.