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Some Hero Rewrote Game Of Thrones Season 8, Recruited An Entire Cast, Then Recorded And Edited A 10 Episode Radio Play That Can Be Heard On Podcast, Spotify, Or YouTube

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So I've been holding out hope in my stupid nerd heart that somehow, some way, George R.R. Martin would finish the goddamn books, get them scripted out, and the ENORMOUS ensemble of actors from the final season would take time from their billions of different projects to fix the Kings Landing size hole in our hearts from when Benioff & Weiss dracarys'd the greatest show on TV with HBO fitting the bill because they know they fucked up.

Yup, that's a fair reaction by my boss to my stupid little nerd dream.

Which is why I am going to be happy that at the very least we got someone to rewrite the entire 8th season, allow us to properly witness Dany going from beloved breaker of chains people called Mother to the Mad Queen without it taking place in roughly two episodes, maybe get the littlest bit of insight into the White Walkers during the Battle of Winterfell (even if we can see as much in an audio podcast as we did on our TVs that fateful night), and fixing pretty much everything pointed out in this 25 minutes of hell.

So here is the 10 part rewrite/play/podcast for anybody that wants to listen on Spotify, Apple Podcast, or YouTube. I'm not sure why only Episode 1 appears on Spotify when I embed it and Episode 1 appears at the bottom of Apple. But the entire 10 part series is there if you go to the respective sites.


I'd love to jump into this delicious fan fiction with two feet, but I don't have the heart to do it after just getting burned by Thrones in real life. But if this writer and these voice actors actually crushed it to the point Thrones diehards give it a thumbs up, they deserve Emmys, a boatload of cash from HBO for fixing Thrones as much as someone could, and the Star Wars franchise that Benioff & Weiss for kinda salvaging what should have been a glorious ending to the greatest show of all-time.

However no matter what the reviews are of this Thrones rewrite, at least House of the Dragon fucking rules so far.