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The Sun Would Actually Sound Like a Constant Jackhammer If Space Didn't Block Out Noise

I never ever thought about the planets making any noise. It's hard to follow science things with my brain but to my understanding here, if the sun went out today and space started allowing sound, we would hear jackhammering noise for the next 13 years straight despite their being no sun. Sound really is such a bitch, it is always so far behind light. They have to know how much of a bitch they are compared to light even for humans. As for the tweet, I would like to talk to someone who was deaf and now isn't and ask them if they thought the sun or any other things made sounds that don't. I feel like in their time of being deaf that would have been a topic of conversation at some point. Like someone would have signed to them like sun is loud as fuck today. I would love to ask someone who is deaf about this well I would text them. 

 Now to the part of it saying it would be like a jackhammer, would Everyone in America be hearing this and is she telling me it sounds like a jackhammer or it is as loud as a jack hammer. 

Who the fuck would know what jam sounds like. Is the next thing you tell me that the moon meows. I looked it up and the Moon doesn't make any sound. The problem with this is that this will be the only thing I am thinking about. I have football and Baker Mayfields Super Bowl this weekend and I am now thinking about if fucking planets make noises. What else do deaf people think make noises because this has opened up my brain to so many different things. 

Do we think anything else is talking to each other? I always wondered how languages came about and I have the only answer. Someone in the early stages of life probably hated the other person and was like fuck this I am going to make up a different language so I never have to talk to this person. How in the world would anyone else start a new language just out of nowhere. Are dogs barking at each other actually speaking I don't know man I just keep thinking about the sun jackhammering in space.