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So Much For Southern Hospitality: Brian Kelly Took A Huge Facial From A Tardy Reporter In His Press Conference Today, Who Told Him "Maybe If You'd Win I'd Be On Time"

I fucking love it. 

The Brian Kelly era at LSU is off to a hot start. 

His team waited until there was less than 10 minutes in the game on Sunday night to show up. On a national stage, at home in The Superdome. Which you can cut it, and try to spin it whichever way you want, but in the end, that's a preparation issue and falls on the coaching staff 100%.

His poor punt returner, kicker, and special teams coach are taking all the heat for the choke job but again, nobody put a gun to his head and made him take ST coach Brian Polian with him when he snuck out of South Bend like a thief in the night, and left his players high and dry. (And not defending Polian whatsoever, because what's it say about the one guy who followed Kelly? But what else do you expect from the son of scumbag Bill Polian?)

Surprisingly, in Kelly's post-game presser on Sunday night, he didn't throw any of his players under the bus (or off any bleachers). 

But in today's conference, he came out guns blazing, in the classic, wise-ass, smug as fuck, Brian Kelly fashion- riding the LSU reporters for showing up late to his royal highness' meeting. He even went so far to instruct them he'd be fining them for tardiness in the future and putting it into a fund for a cookout at his house at the end of the year.

Well, they don't play that shit in the bayou apparently because one of the female reporters threw Kelly's shit right back in his face and told him, out loud for everybody to hear, that if he won, she'd be on time. 

That's what we call facial Brian. 

Giphy Images.

I know it's crazy, but the reporters don't work for you pal. Talk about a great strategy to endear yourself to them right off the bat. And so much for that Southern Hospitality, huh? Guess it's not extended to guys from Massachusetts with cajun accents.