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Brad Pitt Is Getting Sued For 250 Million Dollars Over The Winery He Shared With Angelina Jolie, After Allegedly Taking It "In Retaliation" For Their Divorce

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s battle over a French winery has gone from nasty to nuclear.

A company founded by Jolie has filed a jaw-dropping $250 million lawsuit against her ex-husband claiming that he and a gang of cronies launched a devious campaign to “seize control” of the French winery that they bought as a couple “in retaliation for the divorce and custody proceedings” and to “ensure… Jolie would never see a dime” of its vast profits.

The suit also claims that Pitt tried to use Jolie’s large financial stake in the winery to force her to sign a “hush-clause” that would silence her from discussing the circumstances that led to their divorce and that Pitt squandered millions of the company’s money on “vanity projects,” including more than a million dollars on a swimming pool.

The court papers filed on Tuesday in Los Angeles claimed that after the pair bought the 1,300-acre estate in the South of France in 2008, they jointly invested tens of millions of dollars to improve it.

Now THIS is playing dirty. I don't know much about Angelina aside from what I've read in the tabloids, but if she likes wine as much as I do? The #1, surefire way to piss me off, would be seizing control over the WINERY that I own. The rumors about this ugly divorce have been going on for years, accusations out of both camps claiming abuse, infidelity, you name it. What side am I on? Honestly, no idea. I like Brad enough, but ultimately he cheated on Jen with Angie, so I've never been a fan of their relationship from a spectator's position. Does HE like wine that much? It sounds like they both invested an arm and a leg in the place, but at the end of the day, it's always very clear that one person is going to like that winery a litttttle bit more than the other person. In this case, who is the true wine lover?

I'd love to imagine Brad, leaning back on a chair set upon one of those balconies made of rocks they carve out of the side of a mountain, his white linen shirt unbuttoned and his khaki colored linen pants folded at the ankles, exposing cognac leather loafers resting up on the ledge, swirling a Bordeaux at sunset. "This is my true passion," he says to himself, planning his retirement from acting and making arrangements to spend the rest of his days with his hands in the soil. He's a farmer at heart. 

On the flip side, I can also imagine Angelia. Waking up around 10am, sleeping in for once, crossing her bedroom in a full length chiffon nightgown and opening the french doors to her adobe balcony, overlooking miles and miles of vines glimmering beneath the morning sun. She walks over to her intricately designed wrought iron table where an already chilled bottle of Champagne waits, set beside a delicate crystal flute glass. "I'm never going back to Hollywood," she muses as she sips her bubbles. Her morning drink. Just like the Queen of England.

WHO DESERVES IT MORE? I'm going to need compelling speeches from each party to make an accurate assessment of the situation.