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Legend: Coach O Broke Down The Day He Got Fired At LSU And Realized He'd Still Be Getting Paid $17 Million

There's this weird thing with college sports. They are dominated by coaches and laundry. We cheer for the whoever is wearing our shirt. Rarely do we ever decide a team because of a player. You have limited time with them. But coaches? They can be there forever. Even Coach O breaks it down to start the video of him saying there's a shelf life for coaches. He was 'blessed' to have six years as he says. 

But the better part is him explaining what he said when he got fired. Can't blame him. 17 million bones to get on out of there. I'd do the same thing. You give me that much money and you can tell me what door to bring my ass out of. I'll happily walk out of there carrying my box of stuff. 

That said, I miss Coach O. He was one of those guys you could just count on in college football to deliver. Whether it was his ramblings, his stories, everything else. He was close to a staple. Everyone pictured him with LSU - winning a title tends to help there. But I need someone to bring him back. College football is better with Coach O in it, whether he sucks or not. He's hilarious and I want that content. 


If he's not getting back into football consider this a petition for Coach O to be a voiceover for everything and anything.