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12-Year-Old Golfer Xeve Perez Landed An NIL Deal

This apparently happened a few months ago, but came across my Tik Tok today and as the big Journalist I am, I started to look into this bastard. You are telling me this 12 year old has won 250 tournaments? Put him on the tour right now. If he has won 250 times already and is getting paid by several companies, he isn't going to have a normal life. Getting videos comparing you to Tiger isn't going to help the ol' normal life thing I suppose. 

I love NIL because college kids should be getting paid for their name. It's long overdue and I think everyone is on the same page there, but a 12-year-old is nuts. What we are basically doing now is basically saying these kids are stocks. We are investing in a person at a young age and if they turn out to be a successful athlete you profit on your investment. It's kinda like what the Atlanta Braves do to all their guys.

It is creepy in a way though. Like I know in horse racing people buy winning horses' semen in hopes their offspring have the winning genes as well. Are we about to give NIL deals to athletes' sons who are 3 years old just incase they turn out to be incredible athletes? Like why doesn't someone give Drake's kid an NIL deal? Imagine thinking any of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively's kids are going to be losers? You'd be a fool to not blindly invest in them. 

Where do you cross the line with these deals because I already know Xeve Perez is a better person than me. If I was getting these deals at 12 there is no chance I am going to school. Only reason I would be going to school is to show off and tell everyone how cool I am. 

He has deals with 4 different companies which is awesome and I hope he makes the most money ever, but we went from nobody getting paid until they are a professional to now just out here paying 12 year olds. Again I am all for paying everyone but this might be a stretch. 

P.S. Spelling your name Xeve but pronouncing it like Xavier is a mind fuck.