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Mbappe Doesn't Give A Damn About Some Witch Doctor Placing A Curse On Him

I know that headline and tweet might be a bit confusing, but it's true. In case you missed it Paul Pogba's brother and friends apparently have been blackmailing/extorting him and claiming that Pogba hired a witch doctor to put a curse on Mbappe.

Sure. I mean this is European soccer we're talking about here. Basically any ridiculous story will happen here or in South America. Now I'm still slightly confused. Mbappe and Pogba don't play in the same league. They aren't holding each other back or fighting for a spot. They are just ... teammates. 

But here's Mbappe's official stance on the situation. He ain't scared of a witch doctor. In fact, I feel bad for Pogba because of this news: 

You can't be getting extorted AND get hurt. That's just mean. Witch doctor or not. 

But you do have Mbappe dealing with some other shit: 

Of course it's hot and cold. I love that it had to be addressed though. It's not exactly a secret they don't get along. That's why they need a Champions League title at some point. They are far from the first or last teammates in any sort of sport to not enjoy each other. But that typically comes with at least a title or two. 

But let the record show. Mbappe ain't scared of no curses. 

Oh and update: