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'The Simplest Way To Say It Is Florida State Is Back' - No Way Will This Quote Backfire On FSU's Defensive Lineman

I know the 'we're back' joke tends to be at Texas but Florida State needs to be lumped in here as well. I know FSU won a title in 2013 and made the playoff in 2014. But we're in the year of 2022. Texas at least made a Sugar Bowl in 2019 where the 'we're back' really kicked off: 

But now we have FSU's defensive lineman claiming it after beating LSU. Not even a good LSU team. An unranked LSU team that quite literally fumbled the game away. A LSU team that couldn't block anyone in special teams even. That's not really back. I'll believe FSU is back when they do something, anything of note without Jimbo Fisher as coach. 

Since Jimbo left? 


FSU should not go this long without making a bowl game, let alone being nationally relevant. It's still Florida State. It's still the garnet and gold, which is an elite color combo. They still have the tradition and let's be honest. They are in the ACC. Who do you really have to fear in the ACC outside of Clemson? That's part of the reason I can't believe Miami and FSU are so irrelevant lately. 

But now you have players claiming FSU is back. This never, ever works. This quote will be used after every loss and yes losses are coming.