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EVERYBODY STAY CALM: It Looks Like There's A Possibility Eastbound & Down May Be Returning For A 5th Season

HOLY SHIT! The Tuesday after Labor Day Weekend is a notoriously horrendous day. It's the unofficial end of Summer. It's normally doom & gloom as highlighted by a full day of clouds and repeated rain here in New York City. There's still rain drops on my fingers as I type this, yet as soon I sat down at my desk today I saw the above tweet. The above tweet teasing a return of one Kenny Powers to our television screens in 2024. Immediately my mind started racing.

Is the tweet real? Is the account real? Who would do such a cruel thing on one of the worst days of the year is this a hoax? The account isn't verified which isn't a great start and there's only been a handful of tweets on the account since 2016, but it is followed by Variety so that could be a good sign? Granted Variety was once called a high school paper by Ari Gold that also follows 230k+ accounts on Twitter so my hopes are very much in doubt.

What great news that would be in solidifying Danny McBride as a legitimate HBO workhorse after 4 seasons of Eastbound and Down originally, 2 of Vice Principals, and his current run on Righteous Gemstones. Guy's just a fucking stud. Well, anyways...one can only dream for the return of KP at some point. He did right a movie script the last time we saw him, I mean let's get an Oscar Award-winning KP going.

UPDATE: The official HBO account just tweeted this and I don't know what to think. My head is spinning.