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A Bunch Of Tesla Owners Protesting Elon Musk Because Tesla Won't Return Their Phone Calls Decided To Quit Their Hunger Strike After 24 Hours Because...They Got Hungry

Ahlapot. Getty Images.


Twenty disgruntled Norwegian Tesla owners, who went on hunger strike because of defects in their electric cars, have already stopped their protest within 24 hours.

The Norwegian group began their hunger strike shortly before Tesla chief executive Elon Musk arrived in Oslo for an energy conference. Tesla owners demanded action after finding a series of faults in their vehicles that had not been properly resolved. Some owners report experiencing poor customer service and others claim they never get a call back when they are promised. 

Sixteen of the twenty Tesla drivers did not even last a day on their hunger strike. 

I imagine most people are wondering how someone could break a hunger strike after 24 hours because they were hungry. Do they not understand how hunger strikes work? It's simple if you ask me. I'm pretty sure these guys got really high. Ya know how I know that? Well… have you ever seen the sort of assholes that try to pull off these sort of "protests"? They all have disgusting, greasy blue hair and/or dreadlocks with bull rings in their noses. 

Basically they're the hippies that were protesting at the Pentagon when we were about to nuke our imaginations:

You know what those types of people do? Smoke lots and lots of weed. You know what lots and lots of weed does? Makes you hungry as fuck. Obviously. 

Take last night for instance; I was sitting there, watching the White Sox win their 5th game in 6 attempts and was balls deep into 30 MGs of 3chi delta 9 gummies. I had already make these bad boys in the air fryer a few hours earlier…

…but that didn't stop me from making myself an Italian sausage right before bedtime. Because I was stoned as fuck and naturally I wanted all the food. 

Funny thing is, I told myself I was gonna do a 24 hour fast that morning. Eat a hearty and actually healthy breakfast at 7am then not touch a crumb of food until 7 am the next morning. So even though these hippie assholes had the right idea by threatening to kill themselves to have someone at Tesla answer their phone calls, they forgot to lay off the weed. 

Wouldn't be shocked if Elon himself planted it. Guy's a genius or whatever, right?

Giphy Images.

They just got outsmarted is all and should just try again tomorrow. Or hear me out: Quit being fucking attention grabbing assholes and sit on hold like the rest of us do when we have issues with our cars, Comcast, Apple products, or literally anything else in life. That or buy a Nissan Altima or some shit. Stop whining you goddamn losers. Smoke a blunt, quit blaming everyone else for your issues, point the thumb instead of the finger and chill the fuck out.