Nobody Wants To Work Anymore

Gonna vent for a second… Bear with me, or move on.

Just saw this…

While over the weekend, this article resurfaced on my timeline…

And a new term unfortunately just entered my lexicon- "quiet quitter"…

Nobody WANTS to work… That's been true since the beginning of time… But let me ask you something… 

When did everyone decide that they DIDN'T HAVE to work?

When did it become a case that getting up early and coming home late was unacceptable when building a resumé?

I cannot speak intelligently about anyone else, so I will speak for myself.

I came from happy-but-humble beginnings… Perhaps I am on third base now, but I certainly wasn't born there… I have been working hard since I was 12 years old to build toward what I am hoping will be a just-as-happy-but-less-humble end.  I have complained every step of the way, but I also set a fucking alarm clock every fucking night and got my ass to work.

I can't imagine what my father, who spent 40 years walking steel girders 60 stories in the air as a Local 40 Ironworker, must feel when he reads about some cunt at Apple who is quiet quitting his job by using a $30 mouse jiggler while reluctantly working from home.

The word "privilege" gets thrown around quite a bit nowadays, and it has permeated the public psyche across all races and stations.

I don't need to pick up my own mediocre fast food because I can pay DoorDash to do it.

I don't need to take a subway to a club/bar/party because Uber will be here in 7 minutes.

I don't need to apply for citizenship because I can get a free bus ride to Chicago.

No money?… LET'S LOOT!

I don't need to pay off my school loans.

I don't need to get back to my office.

I don't need to quit, but I also don't need to do more than the bare minimum for my paycheck.

I don't need to move a mouse every 5 minutes.


Then let me ask you something…

What the fuck do you need to do?

I assume it's social media that is poisoning us from the inside out… There's only so much you can take swiping through absolute plastic morons making MILLIONS of dollars by simply showing pictures of their inflated asses on OnlyFans before you start to question why you are only making a percentage of that driving a fucking ambulance?

Or maybe it's the fact that we are actively watching our culture and environment implode every time we turn on whatever non-biased news outlet tickles your fancy?

Listen… I am at the end of my career, and I will squeeze as much as I can out of Barstool until they fire me.

But while I am here, I am trying to create content that pays this company… I don't blog as much because I naturally try to spend my time creating whatever I can that has a sponsor attached.  It's not a noble endeavor by any stretch, but I am having the time of my fucking life, and it didn't happen by accident.  I wrote THOUSANDS of blogs on Take A Report before I got here and hope to help make this firm MILLIONS of dollars before I leave.

I enjoy going to fights and races… I like history, parenting, and finance… But I wouldn't spend my time doing ANY of that shit if DAZN, NASCAR, 3Chi, and whoever else cuts us a check didn't monetarily support my endeavors.


PLUS, I'll continue to distract you from the fentanyl-laced dumpster fire you are living in by showing you bouncing tits!!!

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I remember when a kid who worked at Barstool had asked for my help because he felt like he was on the chopping block and needed more exposure… I spoke it over with Willie and we graciously offered to give this kid a weekly segment on our NATIONAL RADIO SHOW to promote whatever he was doing.

And the only question the kid had was, "How early would I have to be in the office?"… Apparently pre-8 AM was a deal breaker.

I wasn't happy when he was let go a month later… But I also was not surprised.

So… Instead of being reactive to the absolute disgrace our modern workforce has become, how can I be proactive?… What can cure all that ails us?

At this point, I see only one real solution…

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In lieu of a Thanos snap, I assume things will have to get MUCH worse before it gets any better.

We will have to continue being lapped by other cultures before we start to improve ours.

We will have to make our basements bigger to accommodate all the kids who either can't afford or can't make the sacrifices needed to move out of their parent's houses.

We'll have to put up with shitty customer service and shoddy workmanship until they roll our fat asses into poorly-made coffins.

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The solution… Whatever it is… Is guaranteed to be difficult.  And the reason I am so negative, and am so sure that it has no shot at garnering an audience, is that it would require us to actually look up from our phones… Quite possibly before 8 AM.

And unfortunately, that continues to be a deal breaker.

Enjoy the mediocrity, folks!

Thanks for your time… Take a report.


Fuck it… If you're going to do nothing, might as well learn something…