Pardon My Take's Football Guy Of The Week Nominees: Week 1

OOOH BABY ITS THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN! Get your crewneck now because football weather is coming.

The Week 1 Football Guys Of The Week are:

1. Justin Houston OLB, Ravens

Modern day gladiators, man. Ravens defense have always played hard nosed football and Justin Houston is the type of guy they look for. 

2. James Campen OL Coach, Panthers 

This guy does to footballs what Joe Biden does to kids. He just sniffs footballs before every game. Ever since HS. Footballs do have a great smell, the leather, the ball conditioner, the grass and dirt that gets stuck in the laces. Its great stuff. 

3. Sam Pittman HC, Arkansas

Best way to celebrate a win? Some nice cold beer. Name an ice cold Coors Light to finish off a victory. 


4. Kid Who Played Against Arch Manning Tackling A Dude Without A Helmet On

Everyone talking about Arch Manning balling against inferior talent has clearly not seen this video of a kid on an opposing team spring 30 yards to make a tackle with no helmet. Thats a guy that catches a recruiting coach's eye while checking out big names like Arch Manning. Thats hard nosed football and playing to the whistle no matter what. Takes balls to keep going 100% without a helmet.