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Good Guy Luke Combs Gave Everyone At His Concert A Refund After Losing His Voice

Luke Combs and Morgan Wallen are the biggest country singers in the world right now. Luke Combs is on tour and the night before a concert he lost his voice. Most people would go on stage give it their all and move on. Still put on a show play the hits people will honestly not think twice about it. Luke did the opposite in one of the nicest things an artist can do. He still played his entire set but refunded everyone in the crowd and gave this great speech. 

He went on to say that everyone there worked hard and spent their hard earned money to take their family or their loved ones to his show so he feels that he should be giving 100% and the fact that he still did the show is fucking awesome. It's also great to see the biggest stars not forget where they came from. Sometimes it gets away from people but concert tickets are expensive. Some parents have to get babysitters, save up just to take their family and he just refunded everyone and still gave them a time that they will never forget. Even when he was telling everyone about this he started to cry so he obviously cares about his fans and also cares that people see the best him. 

I don't understand how this doesn't happen regularly. Singers go on tour for months and how does a voice singing for 50.000 people not give out more? Regardless Luke Combs is a great person, I met him at Daytona and he couldn't of been nicer and he was just built for stardom. 

More famous people, more singers just everyone should care about others like this. Everyone is trying to pay for shit right now, it isn't the easiest of times just think about others for a second because it could go a long way.