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Shannon Sharpe Calls Aaron Rodgers A Horrible Person And A Prick

Shannon Sharpe went off on Aaron Rodgers in this clip and I do not agree with him at all. This blog is not me talking about the vaccination or anything political because I know nothing about anything in this world. When you live in my world you have to pick and choose the things you know otherwise it would be too cluttered up in my brain. You really should take a look around in my brain, I only think about the things I want to. I also am the smartest at the things I know. Like I would be the best trivia player at Curb Your enthusiasm episodes.

Obviously Shannon does a show with Skip Bayless where they say outrageous things so they get people like me and actual people who are literate to write articles about them to get their ratings up. I am sure Shannon has no personal relationship with Aaron and all I hear about Rodgers is that he is the coolest person to hangout with. I don't care about his political views, I don't care about his vaccination thing because I have no idea about any of that shit. To go on your show and just berate a guy that isn't there to defend himself on what you are saying. I think you are a little bit of a coward to say all of that. You can disagree with someone on their views or what they did but to say all of that nonsense when it seems like he is a good guy makes no sense. 

Also he started out being like oh if he wins another Super Bowl hell be a top 5 QB. Obviously he will he has been one of the best QBs for the last 17 years. Let's talk about how he turns these wide receivers, who are a WR3 at best, into superstars because of how good he is. 

One day I should just get a ghost writer to talk about some world shit, like stuff on the news. Basically some smart people shit and see if anyone notices. It also has to be exhausting being Skip or Shannon. Do you think they get a list of topics each day and have to choose being like which one am I going to get mad at? I picture it being like a conference room of all interns coming up with controversial takes being like "ohh skip is going to love this one. Maybe he'll do that weird thing where he takes his shirt off in his weird ass kitchen too."