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The Best Way To Promote The Next Mission Impossible Movie? Have Tom Cruise Hype It Up While Hanging Out Of a Plane Flying in the Sky

You have to think Tom Cruise's death is going to be out of this world. There's no way he's going to just pass away in his sleep at 90 years old with his friends and family surrounding him. Nah this maniac's last breath better be sky diving into a volcano and just missing the safety netting that wasn't approved by a single licensed stunt director. You may have your distaste towards him for the scientology stuff, but my god does that mean go balls to the wall when it comes to cinema and entertaining the folks at home. 

Going off that, I cannot wait for the next Mission Impossible movie. Fallout is right up there with some of the best action films ever made as far as I'm concerned. I didn't need much to get me excited for its release, but if Tom Cruise wants to do something crazy I'm all eyes and ears. He may have sounded like he was having a stroke up there but I'll chalk that up to him hanging out of a plane and the wind messing with things. 

I assume most of you watching were probably like "alright he's hanging onto a plane that's cool but it's pretty level they're just cruising in the sky" and that's when the plane proceeded to dive a thousand feet out of nowhere. 60 years old and still doing it better than everyone else. 

P.S. Can you imagine if Tom Cruise was in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? The fights he would have with the stunt directors and producers as he begged them to fly to another planet so they can properly shoot a fight with Thanos would be all time. That man's least favorite two words are "green screen." You want to fake it then go find someone else. Kinda makes sense why he's never been casted in the MCU now that I think about it.