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The Latest Victor Wembanyama Highlights All But Guarantee We're About To Get A Historic Tank Race This NBA Season

Hand up, I'm addicted to Victor Wembanyama clips. I can't get enough. He's just so goddamn intriguing as a prospect that each and every time I see one of these video go viral on my timeline it's an instant watch. Previously, we'd only seen 6 second clips or whatever. Now? 40 seconds of evidence to explain why we're about to see multiple teams tank their dicks off in order to be fortunate enough to select him #1 overall next year.

I mean, what did I just watch? It feels insane to say, but that quick crossover/through the legs into a pull up is basically Kevin Durant at over 7 feet. Is that an insane thing to say? Yes. Am I also not totally wrong? Also yes

Pretty damn close!

I get there are obvious concerns over his frame, especially seeing as how Chet Holmgren just suffered that freak foot injury. I get those toothpick legs are concerning for a 7 footer, but I don't see how you can't take the risk if you're a tanking franchise this season. Whether it's the Spurs, Jazz, Thunder, Magic, Rockets, etc, if you have even the slightest chance of being one of the worst teams in the league I imagine you are about to dive head first into losing. Sam Presti is probably already coming up with some fake injuries to both SGA, Josh Ggiddey and Lu Dort now that Chet got hurt. We already know Danny Ainge is going to strip his roster down to the studs and will probably take 60 cents on the dollar for his expensive veterans as we get closer to the year just so they can be off his roster. I imagine Pop has already informed Keldon Johnson that he probably won't be allowed to play past January if somehow the Spurs aren't the worst team in the league. 

The term generational prospect gets thrown around a lot, but everyone you hear talk about Victor Wembanyama from super smart draft experts like Mike Schmitz to normal idiots like me who will take the bait of an awesome Twitter highlight video 100 times out of 100 are talking about this kid like he is a true generational talent. I'm just not sure we've seen this level of three level scoring, this level of handles, and this type of rim protection all that this size. It's about as rare as you can get.

The NBA has done their hardest to try and end tanking. They leveled the lottery odds as if that tanking teams gave a shit. We had 5 teams last year finish with 25 or fewer wins, and if the league thought that was bad, it feels like we're about to have a season where teams are going to do their best to avoid even breaking 20 wins. That's the type of reward Victor Wembanyama could potentially be.

Is there risk? Of course, but that's true with every draft pick. Given his age and upside, you could change the course of your franchise forever if the ping pong balls go your way with such an elite prospect, so get ready. We're about to see tanking, unlike anything we've seen in recent seasons.