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'I Reacted As A Human Being, As A Man' - Furkan Korkmaz, Explaining How He Fought 3 Georgia Players And Security At EuroBasket

I'm not going to lie to you guys. I never thought I'd care about Turkey vs Georgia basketball, but here we are. This is what a few months of dying for sports on at all times does to a man. In case you missed it - yesterday Georgia beat Turkey at EuroBasket. During the game Korkmaz was ejected and then this rumor happened: 

I'm not above calling Turkey a bunch of pussies and they might be here. You can't threaten to quit and then take it back and say you want more security: 

If you make a threat you better have some sort of backbone. Speaking of that, Korkmaz should be used to not having help. He plays for the Sixers. He dealt with Ben Simmons who quit. If there's someone who is a vet on having guys give up around him it's anyone who plays in Philly. 


I do love Korkmaz reasoning though. He's a man! He reacted like one. Can't help it. You don't talk shit on his face without getting into a scrap. That's the Korkmaz way baby. All I know is we have a new heated rivalry. Turkey vs Georgia. Just like the good Lord intended.