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It's Complete Bullshit This Soccer Player Got A Red Card For Tackling A Crazy Fan Who Delivered A Running Kick To His Teammate

[Source] - THIS is the shocking moment a fan invades the pitch before aiming a flying kick at former Everton star Cenk Tosun. The incredible scenes occurred at the end of Besiktas’ 3-2 win at Ankaragucu on Sunday.

And bizarrely, one of Tosun’s teammates was then SENT OFF for apprehending the violent supporter as security watched on. Tensions were high at the final whistle when Ankaragucu’s Marlon Xavier was sent off for a late foul.

And for one home supporter, it was just too much to handle.

Besiktas players furiously apprehended the thug, with midfielder Josef de Souza throwing him to the floor as security dawdled over from the sidelines.

But the referee was not impressed with how the Brazilian handled the situation and incredibly sent him off for taking decisive action.

Another classic case of refs being the worst people in the world. It doesn't matter the sport. It doesn't matter the country. They all suck. They don't deserve our respect, especially this guy who decided to give a red card for a guy helping protect the field. If any person who wants to defend a ref can explain this one to me, I'll send you a $50 gift card. 

Dude delivered a running drop kick. He wanted to inflict some pain because his team lost. I mean, I respect the passion, but calm down guy. It's soccer, Greg. 

My rule is simple here. The moment a fan rushes the field, all rules are off. It doesn't matter the sport. You come onto the field, especially if the game isn't completely over yet, you deserve anything and everything. Players can't be fined for attacking a fan on the field and they sure as shit can't get a red card. It's mind-bottling. I could understand if security did something, anything here. But they were standing around. Clearly you have faith in guys wearing orange bibs. They'll never fuck up!

I demand justice for Josef de Souza. That's a good teammate. That's a foxhole guy. Someone needs to fine this ref and suspend him. I mean I'm not going to Turkey that's for damn sure. But someone else take care of this for me.