The Announcing Crew Laughing Their Asses Off To Describe Chicharito's Awful PK Is Pure Gold

Funny is funny man. There's some hate in that laugh and that's something I can get behind. Laughing at someone you don't enjoy failing miserably on a panenka is elite. There's no better way to describe what we all just saw. Oh and to set the stage even more, LA Galaxy is 3 points out of 7th place and the playoffs. Might need those two points considering it was basically the last play of the match. 

I say it all the time but give me announcers like this. I don't want the completely neutral guy. I don't want the mundane guy. Give me someone who will laugh their ass off after a terrible play. Give me someone openly cheering against a player or a team. We all are fans of someone or something, no reason to hide it. Imagine if we were able to get Gus Johnson losing his mind on a game-winner for his team. Imagine Bill Raftery being able to pour a nice stiff drink as Seton Hall is down 42. Imagine Jake Marsh being on a call and getting aggressive towards a player. It'd be even better. 

Sidenote, if I was a Galaxy fan I'd want to punch this face. Elite punchable face in all of sports: 

Bro you just cost us the match. Stop laughing. Stop smiling. Show some sort of competitive spirit here. Offer to fight the announcer. Try to punch the goal post - you don't need your hands anyways.