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The Notorious Beer Chug Girl Returned To New York And Declared Herself The True Back-To-Back US Open Champ

There she is! The star of the US Open. The one person everyone was wondering if she'd return to New York for one more ride. One more run at glory. One more chance to go viral. She did. Mission accomplished. You may remember her from last year when Clem called her Dana Beers future wife and our future co-worker: 

I know people get hardos and annoying with beer chugs. It's too slow. It's too lame. To me? It's a classic. It's the your mom jokes of beer drinking. It's your standard plain blue t-shirt. Every person has it in their arsenal it's just when and how you bring it out. I didn't know if she'd improve year over year. But she did. She went from casual to a dress. That's how you know she was ready to declare herself champ. 

Part of me feels bad for her boyfriend, significant other or whoever that guy was with her. You're an accessory, pal. You're there to smile and cheer her on. In the words of a famous dude - know your role and shut your damn mouth. So there you have it. The US Open has a new tradition. It's Meg Lucky looking at the camera and chugging a beer. 

Point, America. Suck it, Wimbledon.