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The Braves Blasted 'Narco' at Truist Park After Showing the Mets' Loss to the 47-87 Nationals

I generally don't concern myself with the happenings of the New York Mets — when you're the defending World Champions, it's hard to take a franchise which hasn't won a title since Ronald Reagan was in office seriously. But I'll hand it to them, Mets fans have made themselves so unfathomably annoying with this "Narco" song that it's impossible to ignore.

But if you want to plaster it all over social media every time your closer — whom the fans have loathed for a majority of the time he's been in Queens — jogs to the mound, expect the favor to be returned when you drop two of three to the Washington Nationals. Which is exactly what the Braves did during their rain delay on Sunday after showing the highlights of the Mets' 7-1 home loss to the worst team in baseball.

Hit the trumpets!

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A Braves win today — they lead the Marlins 2-0 in the sixth inning at the time of publishing — would cut New York's once-10-game NL East lead to a single game. Maybe Timmy Trumpets is available for the Wild Card Series!