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The Weeknd Left 70,000 People in LA Stunned After He Lost His Voice Mid-Song And Canceled His Concert

Scenes in LA last night with thousands having their hearts shattered when The Weeknd lost his voice and had to walk off stage just a few songs into his concert. Tragic stuff, I know. Obviously losing your voice is gonna happen when you're doing a million concerts in a row, but calling yourself The Weeknd and having this happen on a Saturday night is tough. Gotta go by The WeekDay moving forward if you can't get it up on a Saturday. Okay I'll stop. 

It's a shitty situation all around. Of course that's a NIGHTMARE to be in the crowd and make it all of 15 minutes in the concert before the guy walks off stage and goes home. Considering it's LA you might have not even gotten into the stadium yet before finding out the night was over. The ticket refund is nice and all, but how about people who flew in to see the concert? Hotels, airfare, time lost skipping the birth of your child? Irreplaceable, non-refundable. Don't worry though, The Weeknd said he loved you so it's all good. 

As for Mr. Weeknd if you're losing your voice there's nothing you can do. That's the moneymaker and you gotta protect it as best you can. You get the feeling it's going out you have to shut it down. I equate it to a pitcher having inflammation in their elbow. Pushing it will only make it worse. I guess he could have lip synced the rest and apologized after with a refund. 

The video of him actually running off stage made me laugh out loud. You think it's part of the show and then he doesn't come back. 

That was 15 minutes into the show. He ran backstage and didn't come out while "Can't Feel My Face" played. Nothing like going to see your favorite artist and hearing their top song only for them to not be out there.

P.S. I don't know if this is true, but if Kayne was supposed to be a guest performer that SUCKS. 

He shoulda honestly replaced subbed in. Wanna talk about being the hero and grabbing all the positive PR possible? Put on an impromptu show and save the night. 

P.P.S. Tough night for David