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Consider This A Blog To Make Amends For People Complaining About The Chelsea Fan Interview

People didn't like this. Fine, not the cup of tea for everyone involved. I could take some blame. I'm old. I'm tired. I found it funny. People found it funny. But the goal is to make everyone find it funny. Now the one thing I know people agree on (pageviews statistically prove me right) is Diletta Leotta. People like to click on blogs with her in the thumbnail. I'm an analytics guy so we're going 

Quick sidenote - how the hell is there not college football on during the day today? We get hit in our faces with 12 hours of the sport yesterday and then have to wait until 7:30 today? Shenanigans. Move a couple games over to today and let us watch. I know everyone will. You know it too. 

So here you go for everyone complaining. This is my apology.