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Interview Of The Year Candidate: Chelsea Fan Gets Interrupted By His Mortal Enemy, Leaves To Fight Him In The Streets

Everything about this is perfect. The look, the accents, the fuck offs, everything. Throw in the fact that I just assume they are mortal enemies. They likely don't know each other, but it's way funnier to imagine this West Ham fan just strolling around looking to stir shit up with Jasper the Chelsea fan here. Just sees him at work and hits him with a fuck off cunt. I assume that's how it is over in England, no real lock for anything. 

The way he comes back and says take 2 is a for sure way to tell this has happened before. This man has left an interview to try and fight someone. And, sure, there's a big time feeling of this during the argument: 

That's until he goes off again and his pal points him out. The moment they say to cut the video you know shit is going to go down. An early lesson I've learned and will pass down to my sons is not to mess with an older guy who has a mohawk and plenty of visible tattoos. Best to keep your head down and accept a 2-1 loss. 

PS: Nobody delivers the word 'cunt' better than an English soccer fan.