Will Compton Playing "Narco" (Edwin Diaz's Entrance Song) In Front Of 85,000+ Nebraska Fans To Enter The 4th Quarter Was Pure Electricity And The Exactly What The Cornhuskers Needed To Close Out The Game

Hey Will, can you maybe give me a little heads up the next time you decide to lead in the greatest hype song on the planet to close out a football game? Because I would've GLADLY thrown a responsible amount of money on the Cornhuskers live money line to close out the game against North Dakota after seeing that.

I know that doesn't seem like a bold move considering Nebraska was up 23.5 point favorites. But Scott Frost was back on his bullshit yet again today, which probably had a whole bunch of Nebraskans looking for their pitchforks (which I don't imagine are that hard to find now that I think about it).

Luckily this week Frost had The Boy playing the role of Timmy Trumpet up his sleeve as the ultimate trump card, which led to the Huskers cruising to an easy 21 point victory. They didn't cover, but we are talking baby steps here. 

I honestly don't know what's more impressive, Narco saving Scott Frost from himself or Narco making the 9th inning a piece of cake for Mets fans. There must have been some magic in that old trumpet that Timmy played one upon a time and I can't wait to see who uses it next. Shout out to whoever owned the horse that raced to glory in Saratoga today after hearing that glorious melody.

I guess I have to buy myself this shirt because a friend of Narco is a friend of mine.