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The App State/UNC Ending Was Pure Chaos And Exactly Why There's Nothing - NOTHING - Like College Football

Honestly this sentence could be used for a whole lot of games this weekend. But App State/UNC, the fine people of Boone haven't seen anything like this. Let's set the scene. Well lets fast forward because I'm not focusing on the UNC run in the middle of the game and the comeback by App State. But here's a quick look:


But now we have full on mayhem. It starts with App State scoring and going for 2 and the lead. I love it. ALWAYS go for the win. You're at home playing the big state school. Always go for it. 

Good Lord man. That was right there. You gotta make that play. You just have to. You know, like this: 

Again, no problem with this move. Get some points and take some pressure out of the game. Any freak play means you can lose, right? Right. Except UNC's defense might be an auto fade from here on out: 

Yep, that's it. Down to ANOTHER 2 pt conversion: 

Beautiful football. The same sport where we saw Iowa punt off against South Dakota State. The same sport where we see Alabama and Ohio State and everything else. It's why there's nothing and I mean nothing like it. 

PS: Yes I do hate Drake Maye already. I hate the entire family.