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Do NOT Bet Against Any UFC Fighters With "Magomed" In Their Name

Woah! NEVER bet against a "MAGOMED" in the UFC! Abus Magomedov just took 'em to 50-8 all time in his debut!

While you're at it, if their name ends with a V, you should probably just lay the juice and ask questions later.

As this fight was starting, I swear I started to say, "I think Magomedov's gonna get it done in the first round" aloud - but before I could even finish my sentence, the fight was over. Magomedov absolutely WALKED THROUGH Dustin Stoltzfus with a front kick and a buncha uppercuts in a row before the ref stepped in and called it only 19 seconds into the fight!

I think if he's smart, he goes the Khamzat route and tells Dana he wants on another card ASAP and gets on literally the soonest possibly event he could. Get on the Khamzat/Diaz card next week if you can. Just follow his blueprint.