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John Daly Never Told A Lie: Proclaimed He Was Drunk On SEC Nation Today After Telling Fans He Was Sipping On Good Shit


I don't need context. I don't need a backstory. I just know when John Daly proclaims he's drunk, we all should believe it. That's a man who has never told a lie in his life. That's a man who loves Arkansas, college football and golf - likely in that order. 

John Daly gets it. Everyone in the world is mocking ESPN GameDay for losing its touch. Everyone else in the world is watching Barstool's College Football Show because it's vastly superior. 

So John Daly shows up for SEC and proclaims he's shit canned. That's how you draw people in when you're on television apparently. Again, I love Daly. This is what I want to hear. This is basically how a majority of conversations are going to begin this weekend anyways. I highly suggest leading with that text to an ex. It will work. Trust me. They'll appreciate the honesty and invite you right over. 

No one like Daly man.