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As A Spurs Fan I'm Completely Heartbroken To See Marta Diaz (Or Sergio Reguilón, Whatever) Get Introduced At Atletico Madrid

Here I am sitting like I do on a Saturday morning. Coffee, couch, trying to keep one kid calm while the other naps. Ignoring responsibility really. More importantly it's a great day. It's Tottenham in the morning and hours upon hours of college football. Get the rain out of here and we have a perfect day. 

But I couldn't help and think about Sergio Reguilon. I love him as a player - a soft spot for dudes who play on the left side and wear 3 I guess. He's currently on loan over at Atletico Madrid and got introduced earlier this week. Someone mentioned I should blog it and I can't figure out why. 

Ah right, his girlfriend Marta Diaz. Everyone knows in order to be incredibly successful in the Premier League and Champions League you need a few things. You need an elite goal scorer (got that), a strong goalie, a little bit of a crazy person and a couple hot significant others. Tottenham took a blow in that category.