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WATCH: A Virginia Tech Player LEVELS an Old Dominion Student Rushing the Field After ODU's Upset Win

Boom! That kid learned the hard way to get off the tracks when the train is coming through.

Old Dominion pulled off the upset of in-state rival Virginia Tech at home on Friday night, so naturally the ODU students graced us with our first field storming of the season. The only problem is that the very-much-pissed-off Hokies weren't all off the field yet and one Old Dominion student found himself on the business end of a People's Elbow.

I'm not going to say that Virginia Tech player picked out a kid from 10 yards away and decided he was going to hit him into next week, but he extended the arm a little bit once the contact became inevitable — which is totally fair, honestly. Once you've crossed the barriers meant to separate the fans from the field while opposing players are still making their way into the locker room, whatever happens happens.

I'm sure Hokies fans would have preferred to see more of that intensity while the game was still going on, though.