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Nothing Better Than Getting There On The River (And Nothing Worse Than Your Opponent Reading Your Soul)


First things first, no better time than Labor Day Weekend to catch up on the Cracking Aces podcast. We had a great episode this last week with Ethan "Rampage" Yau where we read roasts of him and then discussed why it feels so dirty to play on ACR.



Rampage is one of the good guys- a very fun content creator in the poker space who plays well above his bankroll for love of the game. When you talk about guys who "have that dog in 'em", Rampage is one of those guys. We had a great time catching up with him this last week, appreciate everyone who checks it out.


And then back to the title of the blog, is there anything better than getting there on the river...but anything worse than your opponent reading your soul?



Awesome check back by Elio. (If he disconnected and it auto-checked don't tell me, I want to believe in something). 

We had Pads on the podcast a few weeks ago and he blew our minds with his poker intelligence and view of the game. There's a reason he's the number 1 ranked online player in the world/WSOP bracelet winner.



Appreciate anyone who checks out the podcast/the socials. We probably have the best poker-related poker socials in the game, it's mostly just fun shit and wild hands. Have a great weekend and good luck at the tables!