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Those Losers At Chelsea Didn't Completely Screw Up The Transfer Window Thanks To Spain's Former Miss Universe Winner

I hate Chelsea, I've made that clear. But that doesn't mean I can't be kind to them. Doesn't mean I can't say nice things about Kepa, a backup keeper. I won't let the fact that they refuse to let Christian Pulisic leave because they want all the American money and market stop me from being a respectable journalist. Plus I gotta trust Gregggg here. 

I care about Pulisic being in shape for the World Cup. I'm an American, not shocking that's what I care about here. I also hate Chelsea since I'm a Tottenham fan. So that's where my anger comes from. But it's good to see Chelsea get a win. They needed it. They kind of stink right now. 

As much as Kepa is a backup goalie, this is about Andrea Martinez. She played for the Spanish national basketball team before winning Miss Universe in Spain. That's how you have a future athlete on your hands if they have kids. Hey, it's a Friday, here are some pictures. 

Congrats to them or whatever.