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WILD Video Of A Couple In Brazil Getting Carjacked While They Are Having Sex

Is this really where we are as a society these days? Look, I get that Brazil may have some issues with crime. Bob Ley hammered that into my head during roughly 800,000 different Outside The Lines specials before the 2016 Olympics in Rio along with my time in the Favela slums back in 2012 (not in real life, but in Modern Warfare 2).

However, #somethings are bigger than money, with one of those things being simple respect for people getting their fuck on. Haven't these uncouth thieves ever heard the phrase when the car is a rockin', don't come a knockin'? If a couple people are sharing the beautiful experience of making love, can't you just steal the next car on the street? It's not like they carjacked a brand new Mercedes or anything. That looks like a Toyota Camry or some sort of sedan in that price point. An affordable car with good gas mileage? No doubt. But not worth ruining the nights of two lovers in mid-coitus.

That being said, this was a lesson learned for both people in that car. The guy learned to spring for the hourly motel for an act that, let's be honest, won't take a full hour. And the girl learned to find herself a new guy that will be a gentleman that helps her get dressed before throwing on his clothes.