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SOUND THE ALARMS: The Internet Is Rightfully Freaking Out After Tyler Childers Posted A Cryptic Message About New Music

[Source] - “Will we ever see Tyler Childers release new music again?”

Now I’m not the guy to throw out the red alert and sound the horns, but the man just posted to his Instagram again for the first time since he unveiled the Long Violent History album two years ago. It’s a video of ol’ Cletus (that’s what we’re gonna call him for now) from the “All Your’n” music video, who was tripping out on some shrooms the whole time.

In the video, Cletus is coming down from his high in the woods, and is blinded by the sunlight, and the video comes to an abrupt end.

So I’ll let you put the two and two together…

His first Instagram post in nearly two years… new music on the way?

I guess time will tell, but things are finally looking up for all of us Childers fans out there.

I'm a connect the dot guy. It's written above. Two years since the last post on Instagram and it was for his Long Violent History album? No doubt there's gotta be more music coming. There's gotta be new music coming. Not only just that, but it's fall and football season. Tyler Childers screams fall music, so much so he was once used for the SEC Network commercial: 

We're Tyler fans here. I know Chaps blogged about him before, Chief loves him. 

Well add me to the list. There's nothing like sitting outside on the patio with a bourbon in hand listening to some Lady May or Feathered Indians or anything else. He's one of those musicians you can just hit his entire songlist and not skip. It's why we need a new album. It's why everyone tweet about this little tease is losing their minds. 

It's the Friday of a long weekend. It's the Friday of football weekend. Tyler knows what he's doing and it's perfect. Now sit back and hit some music.