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Someone Please Explain To Me How The Cavs Odds Are Still +3000 To Win The Championship

Is my brain broken? The Cavs just added a consensus Top 15 player on the planet without having to give up literally anything that mattered. The nucleus of the team that everyone had already labeled as "Next" still remains fully in tact, and we added a bonafide superstar. We now have arguably the most talented roster in the entire league and undisputedly the best future in the NBA. Let me remind you that our starting 5 is all 25 or younger, but no, I'm talking about right now. Who else has 3 All-Stars from 2022 on their roster? Plus the runner-up in Rookie of the Year voting? Plus a cagey veteran with championship experience….a man who goes by the name of Kevin Love. Is Caris LeVert really coming off the bench….? Along with Ricky Rubio? My God, this team should be the odds on favorites.


It's a good thing I'm not an oddsmaker because I figured the Cavs would've opened around -250 this morning to win the championship. And that's just for this upcoming season. I'd have to imagine the Over/Under on titles won in the next 5 years is probably 3.5.

Honest question: how can you legally put the Lakers ahead of the Cavs right now? No offense to our new coworker Mr. Pat Beverly, but the Lakers went 33-49 last year and only got older. LeBron's only shot at another title is if he decides to try and come back to Cleveland with all the talent we have, which, God forbid we don't let him gut us AGAIN. But it's not just the Lakers, there are glaring mistakes all over that board. I'm not sure what should lead off the primetime hour on Comedy Central tonight: the Nuggets and Grizzlies having better odds than the Cavs, or the RAPTORS having the same payout as us. Did Kawhi Leonard get traded back without me hearing about it?

Okay, I don't know I care so much. It's not be who's giving out the free money. Besides, I should be happy. We have a SUPERSTAR in Cleveland and he's actually happy to be here!!!!!

And it's not just Windhorst reporting it. You can see hear it (read it on Twitter) straight from the horse's mouth.


It was always the Cavs for Donovan Mitchell.