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Take It Easy Man: Pat Narduzzi Hopped On SVP After Beating WVU And Started Rambling About How 'ESPN Disrespected' Pitt Fans

I guess anything for some bulletin board material? (Spelled bulletin correctly first try. One of those words that always gets me.) There was projections or some shit that WVU was going to overtake Heinz Field. That was not the case. That was not the case one bit.

I'm not entirely sure how ESPN or anyone thought it would be 75% WVU fans. The game is quite literally at Pitt. It's the Backyard Brawl. Pitt is ranked and coming off a great season. Of course they are going to show up. That's just asinine (low key a great word) to think otherwise. And let me tell you. The game delivered. The fans delivered. 

We need more of this. What I did have to laugh at was everyone saying how conference realignment ruined this sort of rivalry and what not. Uhh, Pitt is a major reason as to why we have conference realignment. May want to focus some energy there. But give me the Backyard Brawl to start the season every year. It's fun getting some rivalry games early. 

Great response by SVP though. Uhh hey Pat, I don't do projections on fans. I'm the highlight and video guy here pal. Football coaches, different breed man.