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The White Sox Have Me So Down I Talked To A Therapist About It

Before we get down to the nitty gritty, this blog post is sponsored by the great tasting, less filling, 96 grams of carb per 12oz, Miller Lite:

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And speaking of Miller Lite, thank Christ for them. They've gotten me through this dog shit summer of baseball as best they can. But I still need help, and lots of it:

And no, none of it is my fault. 

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It's the White Sox fault. Unless you consider un-cuncelling my original cuncel as the reason the White Sox decided to lose 9 of 11 on the heels of winning 5 straight, including the first 2 against the Astros. It's their fault. Not mine. 

But goddamnit man. This has been the worst summer of all time and it's been 90% because of the White Sox. Sure, I have an awesome job. I own a great condo. Got an awesome dog. Got a new hoe every gotdam night of the week. But there's that empty void in my life and that void has turned me into a miserable person who detests everyone around him and lashes out. That hole is a baseball team that operates functionally, wins consistently year in and year out, and doesn't do stupid shit like hire 1000 year old managers. I don't have that in my life and it has driven me to a point where I thought it'd be good to seek professional help.

Shout out to Dr. Levin. I am looking forward to working with him and curing my brain of all that ails it. 

Real talk though - in getting to know Dr. Levin over the last week or so, I do think he'd do a great job helping those actually in need (not that I don't need help and a lot of it). He explained what he does and what goes down at his practice and it piqued my interest enough to where I am considering going to him for non-content stuff. I think a lot of that is because he's a normal guy and understands normal people. Many of you reading this may be going through some shit. If you are, hit up Dr. Levin. He's a big Barstool fan who knew the story and character arcs of both myself and the Barstool Chicago office as a whole very well. If you are thinking of talking to someone (it really does help) to figure out what has you down, edge, or depressed, Dr. Levin has my full endorsement. You can find him here:

Dr. Zach Levin
Clinical Neuropsychologist at the Tandem Psychology Group
IG - @drzachlevin

I'll reiterate it again - therapy and talking out struggles with a professional DOES help and Dr. Levin will do everything in his power to get you through what ails you.