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Holy Shit. Woj Says The Knicks Offered RJ Barrett, Mitchel Robinson, Obi Toppin, AND Three Unprotected First Round Picks In A Package For Donovan Mitchell But Were Turned Down

I think we are officially at the point where both sides of the endless trade negotiations are getting their stories out, with Shams being Danny Ainge's mouthpiece and Woj acting as Leon Rose's internet megaphone. But still, holy shit that trade proposal is absurd even if you don't love or even like RJ, Mitch, or Obi all that much. Danny Ainge may be an absolute motherfucker to deal with because he'll bleed you for all your assets. But that is crazy even for that sick bastard.

Now this is where my bullshit meter comes in and tells me there is some sort of tomfoolery afoot. Was this mega package all for Donovan Mitchell? Did it include my new coworker Pat Bev? Or was Rudy fucking Gobert involved in all this some way and the Jazz declined because they knew they could take a shitload of stuff from the Wolves for a center with limited offense in 2022 then get a bunch more for Mitchell in a separate trade. But I flat out refuse to believe the Jazz declined that trade above months ago for just Donovan Mitchell then declined this trade recently for the very same Donovan Mitchell.

Whatever. I'm just happy all this is over. Now we watch the young core start to grow together while waiting for the next jaded superstar to demand a trade, throw him in a Photoshopped Knicks jersey, and then hope for the best.

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