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FINALLY: The Slumping Yankees Have Called Up Top Prospect Oswald Peraza To Give Them a Spark

Newsday LLC. Getty Images.

My fucking god they did it, Oswald Peraza has arrived. The Yankees no. 3 prospect and baseball's 53rd ranked youngster has been promoted to the big leagues. Yankee fans needed this, myself included. There could not be another day gone by with IKF at short. Last night was the breaking point for a lot of fans, which I detailed in a blog earlier today. You had a guy in Oswald Peraza sitting in the minor leagues, ready to burst onto the scene, just waiting for a call that seemed like it wasn't going to come. With rosters expanding today that gave Cashman the go ahead to make the call it seems. It's insane it took him this long, especially with how miserable August was.  

So what does Oswald bring to the table? Quite literally, everything. For starters he's a fantastic fielder, with that being his original calling card. This trait alone makes him an incredible addition to the team and an immediate upgrade to IKF. 


IKF makes none of these plays despite Aaron Boone calling him a top defensive shortstop in the league. Thank God we're done with that (hopefully). In my mind you don't call up Oswald Peraza to play here and there. He better be out there everyday showcasing his talents to the world. He deserves to get a long look here and hopefully land on the postseason roster — yes, he's eligible. 

Peraza also brings a bat with him, another thing IKF doesn't have. Entering today Oswald had a .927 OPS since June 11th. He has extra base power as you can see below. This dude hits bombs. 

Funny enough Oswald homered today. It's bizarre that he played today and then got pulled mid-game while the Yankees were off. Kinda makes me think someone is heading to the IL. Maybe DJ's foot again? Rizzo IL with his back? Probably the latter since he stayed back in LA to get an injection In his back. 

Peraza also brings elite speed to the team, having swiped 33 bases in 38 attempts this season. 


Great pop, fantastic defense, and big time speed. Where has he been? Well, they didn't want to call him up before August 20th so that they could keep him eligible for the rookie of the year award next year. They can get a draft pick next year depending where he finishes in the voting (yes I know it's insane they think about this shit while trying to assemble a contending roster). Scumbags. 

Whatever, he's here. I've been dying for him to get the call for months now to no avail. Now he's thrown right into the fire with this team in desperate need of a spark. It's a dangerous game needing to produce right away with the division lead shrinking by the day, but something he has going for him is he really can't play any worse than IKF. Yankee fans are not patient by trade, but the relief of new blood being injected into this dying roster is gladly welcomed. I hope he takes this opportunity and runs with it. On August 15th I wrote this blog begging Cashman to call up the kids. I asked for Schmidt, Marinaccio, Cabrera, and Peraza. In two weeks time they're all here. Now play them all. 

P.S. This is bad news for anyone who doesn't religiously follow the Yankees. Good luck explaining to your old man that there's an Oswald Peraza and an Oswaldo Cabrera. It already got Sherman.