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Boston's "Allston Christmas" Claims Its First Victim

If you've never heard of Allston Christmas, stick with me on this one:

Picture this: It's your college move in day at Boston University which means your entire family is at their absolute worst. Everyone is mad because you're hungover & procrastinated on packing, your little brother resents having to wake up at 6am to help & won't stop with the attitude, your mom is a ball of anxiety at dropping you off for another year, and your dad wants to Thelma & Louise the entire crew off the nearest bridge. Instead of accomplishing that, though, he misses the 50 "low bridge ahead" signs as his Dunkin spills while he fights with your mom, goes underneath a small one and "SCREEEEEEEEEREEEEEEEEEREEERRRREEEECH"! Everything comes to a crashing halt. You look out the window to see your Mike Tyson grill rolling down the street because your asses just got #Storrowed... 

From CBS News:

Despite multiple "Don't get #Storrowed" warnings from the state ahead of Boston's move-in week, that's exactly what happened to some unfortunate movers on Thursday.

This "Storrowing" actually happened on Soldiers Field Road in Brighton, ripping the roof right off of a too-tall U-Haul truck. The eastbound side of the road was temporarily closed so authorities could inspect the bridge.

This "Storrowing" is all part of what is known as September 1st AKA "Allston Christmas", as explained by Gaz, who used to live there:

Devlin told me some people rent UHauls just to drive around picking up nice stuff the rich kids leave behind off the curbs, and it's even trending on social media & making the news today.


Shout out Tiny Tim, Tufts class of '25:


Alright, you get the idea. Anyways, if you're one of the sorry souls who endured a move up there today don't worry, the local watering holes have your back:

In closing, please enjoy this gem from Feits circa 2016…