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The Fireworks During Dirk Nowitzki's Jersey Retirement In Germany Needs To Become The Standard In The NBA When Honoring A Legend

Pretty big night in Germany for the Mavs with Luka and Slovenia playing Lithuania and Dirk becoming the first ever player in the 73 year history of the German basketball federation to get his number retired. 

Luka did his thing in the Slovenia win

and then it was time to honor the living legend known as Dirk. I can't lie, that jersey celebration is AWESOME and I'm going to need that to become a thing in the NBA. The Mavs did something similar when they did Dirk's number

but that was way more subdued. I need danger. I need a show. I need some "oomph" so to speak and Germany nailed it.

I sure as shit know I didn't see this when I witnessed Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett's numbers go up to the rafters and frankly I'm a little upset that Wyc didn't pay up for something like this. 

Two very emotional nights for yours truly no doubt about it, but I feel like there was a missed opportunity there for some green fireworks or something. I'm sure there are safety regulations or some bullshit but whatever, when you're honoring a legend I feel like this needs to happen. I've been at the Garden when they've had shit like that go off pregame so what the hell.

In terms of Dirk, I feel like everyone loves him. How could you not? Super loyal, always took less to stay a Mav, eventually got over the hump and won the Mavs their first ever title despite not having a loaded team and he took down a superteam to do it. He's also one of the greatest not just international players, but overall players in NBA history. There's a reason he has his logo on the Mavs court in addition to his number living in the rafters. If anyone deserves a celebration like this, it's clearly Dirk