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Not Enough Beer: Prep For Bills Mafia Is Beginning In Los Angeles With An Extra $24,000 Of Labatt Blue Being Delivered Today

I was a bit confused here. This original tweet seems like it might just be for Bills players and media, which I wouldn't rule out. They like to drink beer. But then in a quote tweet this appears to be just for a tailgate: 

In either case, this is simply not enough beer. We're talking about Bills fans here. We're talking about Bills fans, starting the season off with expectations here. That's a dangerous, dangerous combo. Just a quick Barstool blog search will show Bills fans jumping through tables and chugging beers. Now that they are good again, this is only going to add the carnage of tables we see. 

I need a Bills/Saints game every year. There's no doubt these two fanbases are the two that will drink you out of any and all beer. Let's see what happens and while we're at it have like a Wisconsin/LSU game right before it. See what happens when 4 of the biggest beer drinking groups come together for a football day. 

Feels good to see this though. The quick dive back into football makes the world feel right again. You grind during summer baseball. You might get lucky with some soccer or Summer League or a new TV show. But that first week of football, it's just beautiful. But go get more beer. You'll need it.