A little pause in all the football talks to promote a podcast AND to objectify (with consent) one of my favorite co-workers.

I had Kontent Kim (aka Alex Bennet's mom and the host of Mother Knows Best) stop into the Twisted History of Beauty Pageants this week to give me and Vibbs a first-hand account of when she competed for Miss Oklahoma some years ago.

(That's Kim on the left.)

Unfortunately, her experience was an overall positive… And I say "unfortunately" because tales of a young Donald Trump roaming around a convention center in Tulsa trying to grab contestants by their pussies would've been great for ratings.

So to any other publication reporting a scenario that even resembles the one I just made up above about Old #45, I would like to say… 

Giphy Images.

The good people at Miss Oklahoma apparently ran a tight ship back then, so all I am left with is this picture of Kim in a bikini circa God-knows-when


I had to double-take when I saw it because she looked eerily similar to a woman who launched a thousand loads for my generation, Christie Brinkley circa 1982, both in her face and hair…

Giphy Images.

And the way she filled out a bikini…

Fotos International. Getty Images.

("BONK!" me all you want… But I can't be the only one to see the similarity, right?)

So give the pod a listen if you want a lil' more Kim…

Giphy Images.


And also if you want to hear all about the fucked up world of beauty pageants and how they are fucking up a generation of kids…

Take a report.


That wasn't Kim on the left.