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This Video Of Yanet Garcia Getting A Butt Treatment Is Mesmerizing. Yeah, We'll Go With Mesmerizing

Victor Chavez. Getty Images.

This apparently works? I have no idea. I may have to get into the butt business more here. I mean if Yanet Garcia is claiming it'll do wonders, who am I to argue? I have an ass. Wonder if it makes it look like this: 

Giphy Images.

I said it in the headline though. It's mesmerizing. That person is WORKING Yanet's ass. Just rubbing it all over and massaging it. I personally prefer the super light massage. Let me fall asleep and basically give me a back scratch. I don't need the deep tissue massage or the cupping or anything like that. I'm sure I've typed too many words for your liking so we can move on.

 Again, there's gotta be something here because this is what Yanet Garcia looks like: