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Larry David Told The Jets GM To Draft LaMar Jackson In The 2018 NFL Draft And Was Laughed At

Larry David should be the GM of the Jets just because he was smart enough to even bring this up to Mike Maccagnan. The Jets loser franchise could be completely turned around if they listened to Larry and didn't take Sam Darnold. I want to talk to the witness because him telling this story is so funny. 

No wonder why Maccagnan was fired in 2019. The Jets probably heard this story and were like we can't have Larry David being smarter than our own GM. It wasn't like he said to take Josh Allen or Baker Mayfield, who were all top 10 picks. He took the last pick in the 1st round who ended up being the 2019 MVP. 

I would love to have LD as the Giants GM. These GMs these days think they know too much. If you let someone like Larry in to help and talk to these people it can only help. They have seen too much football nothing tickles their fancy anymore they see a couple of Steven Cheah mock drafts and they base it off of that. 

They also just love taking QBs from big schools instead of taking a chance on a Josh Allen from Wyoming or LaMar from Louisville, which has never really been known for football. I think the Lamar call validates Larry and he should be able to get a guest pick now. The Giants haven't had a good draft in quite some time, so how can a Larry David pick hurt you? 

I really don't think that the Jets will be good ever again because of this. Larry even created an episode that the Jets killed his friend because of the God damn Jets. For this instance, the fans were a better GM than the actual GM.