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I Am Taking Away Tommy's Italian Card For Insisting Marinara And Gravy Is The Same Thing

On the last episode of THE BRACKET, we debated the best sauces along with guest Big T. Steven Cheah unleashed the NUCLEAR sauce take he has been sitting on for months now, we debated some of us being fake Italians and we had some BATTLES over the merits of Ranch.

During our exploration of Marinara sauce our resident Italian, Tommy Smokes, insisted that Marinara and Italian Gravy are the same thing. What!? EVERYBODY knows that gravy is cooked with meat and marinara is meant for veggies! In light of this, I have decided to revoke Tommy Smokes I-Card. No more pasta fazul, talking with his hands or calling women "sweethaaht" until he can prove his worth as a true amico. 

You can watch the full episode above or listen below.