A Southwest Pilot Got On The PA System While Flying And Threatened To Turn The Plane Around Because A Passenger Kept Airdropping Their Nudes To Him

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That is TOUGH. It's one thing to be told by someone to stop sending your nudes, which can be for a myriad of reasons. The creep factor. Too many notifications. Or that your body is outright revolting to the stranger you are spamming. 

However, it's quite another thing to have a pilot get on the mic in front of hundreds of strangers and have him threaten to turn the plane around like a school bus driver after the kids kept throwing paper airplanes from the back seat because of your subpar nudes. If you think you've seen some crazy airplane flights in the past, just wait til you see what happens when a plane full of people kick the shit out of the one person that got their flight to Cabo turned around.

I'm not sure if it's because of the nomadic life away from home, a way to blow off the steam that comes with a stressful job, or just good old fashioned horniness. But whenever I went to a newstand at an airport growing up, there was a 90% chance that a pilot was looking at a Playboy, Hustler, or some sort of smut rag. I'm not shaming, it was simply the truth. 

So if someone with a profession that has them horned up is asking you to stop Airdropping nudes, that's probably a good indicator you should do it when you are flying the friendly skies and when you are walking on the unfriendly ground. Just enjoy your free ginger ale and peanuts that always hit different 25,000 feet in the air then post risque pictures on OnlyFans like normal people do. Or at least half of my coworkers these days.