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There’s Nothing Better Than A Tiger Woods Fist Pump In The Wild

Hand up, this blog should’ve gone up immediately last night. Big of me to admit that. That’s my mistake, I’m only human.

Tiger Woods, on the other hand, is far from human. A god here on Earth amongst us mere mortals. And rarely does he intermingle with us regulars in a public setting.

That's what makes these fist pumps so damn electric. They've become few and far between on the golf course for obvious reasons. But they still deliver in a big way. 

I can't imagine the boost you get from looking over in the stands and seeing Tiger fucking Woods in your box fist pumping his dick off. Serena is obviously a GOAT in her own right but there's just something extra about that iconic fist pump. You can't lose when you've got that in your corner. It's like Kontaveit was playing 2 on 1. Scoreboard should've read: 

Williams/Woods    7 2 6

Kontaveit               6 6 2

That's just the Tiger effect baby.