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Howie Roseman Is Proof That People Can Change

Icon Sportswire. Getty Images.

Howie Roseman used to be a piece of shit. Slicked back hair, passing on SEC receivers in the draft to reach for a guy out of the Pac-12 in the 1st round who would have still been there in the 3rd, handing out massive contract extensions to mentally shattered quarterbacks who quit on the team 2 years into the deal, chicken spaghetti from Chickalini's. You would not have liked him back then. 

I say he used to be a piece a shit. But people can change. 

One of the biggest signs of growth is when you're able to admit you were wrong about something. Takes a big man to step up to the plate and take their lumps on some shitty decisions. Looking back on it now, the Carson contract was a mistake. JJ Arcega-Whiteside was a mistake. Jalen Reagor was a mistake. Ignoring defensive depth was a mistake. But people can change, and Howie Roseman is on a warpath right now trying to right all of his wrongs. 

And you can tell this is a conscious effort because how else do you explain sending JJAW to Seattle and Reagor to Minnesota? That's a good ol' fashion "eat a bag of dicks" from Howie to those organizations for making him look like an idiot. You want to laugh in his face about passing on Metcalf? Alright, asshole, enjoy JJAW making a whopping 3 catches for 16 yards this year. You want to laugh in his face about passing on Justin Jefferson? Alright, prick, enjoy Reagor somehow getting more targets this year than Jefferson and dropping everything thrown his way. 

There was a good while that I had lost complete faith in Howie. I know he made all the right moves to build that Super Bowl LII roster, but that was starting to feel more like catching lightning in a bottle. But then Howie Roseman came around over the past few months and totally redeemed himself. In Howie We Trust.